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My IPv6 project.

My IPv6 project, is mostly for fun, and give me knowledge to the area.

But also to spread knowledge out in the public, to the area.

Please look around. / Or read the history why I look at IPv6.

My IPv6 History:
Back in February 2012, i created an account on
However, due to missing IPv6 Tunnel support in my old firewall, I waited with playing around with IPv6.

I am living in Denmark, here is IPv6 not a great isuse, and Denmark are long behind in migrating to IPv6.
So i thinked: So no hurry there.. To learn IPv6

In Jan 2018, had Google around 20% IPv6 traffic world wide, and the traffic from Denmark had only 3% that was IPv6.
in Jul 2018, had Google around 22% IPv6 traffic world wide, and the traffic from Denmark had only 3.73% that was IPv6
in Aug 2019, had Google around 27% IPv6 traffic world wide, and the traffic from Denmark had only 3.29% that was IPv6

But in March 2018, one of my collogues asked me some detail about IPv6. I didt not know.... so.
Then I said to my self It NOW....

I finished up my 7 years old IPv6 tunnel, and passed Hurricane Electric, IPv6 Certifications, the same evening ;)
See For details.
I think this is a very fine start to get some knowledge on IPv6. Thanks to HE.

My setup was running on:
Cisco C897VAM-W-E-K9 Dual stack router
Cisco WS-C3560-8PC Dual stack swit
Raspberry pi zero.

This was a start. But IPv6 tunneled over IPv4. This can be better !!
(The Tunnel works fine. But gives extra latency up to 30 ms: Denmark - Hamburg - Berlin - Stockholm :: Out from here!)

So I contacted my home ISP Eniig. But the wont give me IPv6 ;(
They advertise with "Do you dream about the future's internet". - But they have no time estimate on IPv6 support.

Then I asked my ISP at work Stofa.
They dont make IPv6 as standard yet. But it was no problem to get native IPv6.

In my work setup, they had to flip the circuit, to enable dual stack. So it was scheduled to an evening.
So now, I have a redundant native IPv6 running on my 2 incomming lines.
Where I now have a small IPv6 test lab.

Henrik Bruun
Clemens 2A, Nim
8740 Braedstrup

See my skills or call me - Cell: +45 30 58 21 25 (Don´t call for spare time projects)>